Winning Words is the new book from our president Ross Hjelseth where he shares maxims gleaned from teachers, coaches, and leaders, together with his own observations, to help you:

  • Empower yourself and those you care about
  • Develop leadership skills and insights to better serve others
  • Build relationships through listening, speaking, and observing others
  • Appreciate the importance of practice, hard work, discipline, perseverance, and motivation
  • Determine when to use positive or corrective reinforcement

"Really, this book comes down to applying common sense principles to 'life'. We all have a need to belong, a need for discipline, and a need for affirmation. This book is a must read for all persons in leadership positions."
-- Wade Enget

Effort and Perseverance T-shirt

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Better or Worse T-shirt

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"Shepherd the flock. These are my people and I am responsible for leading them."

Ross Hjelseth