CALM during the STORM
Blue and purple tinted storm clouds push against an emerging sun in the background
Photo courtesy of Felix Mittermeier


CALM during the STORM


Amid 2020, complete with Covid-19, worldwide chaos, and an election year—how does one remain “calm” during the “storm?”

You or I can easily interpret much of this year as challenging, stressful, and tension-filled moments. Wherever we turn, we can be filled with and surrounded by these feelings.

Let me give you five coaching points when faced with a storm.

First, when faced with a storm, you must realize that storms blow over. No matter how strong the storm, at some point the storm begins to lose its magnitude, the winds die down, and the light in the sky appears. So, please know that whatever the storm—you can outlast it, and the storm does not need to outlast you.

Second, avoid making the storm worse with senseless arguments. In too many cases, people can allow the storm to weaken their perspective and instead of remaining calm, they instead begin to lash out at others, as well begin to justify their feelings by engaging in arguments about things that really don’t matter. Arguments very seldom cool down a situation, and instead, add fuel to the fire. Do not add fuel to a fire.

Third, in times of storms, know where your loyalties and priorities are for your life. Those things that are most important to you need your focus during a storm, and your priorities in life need your diligent attention during a storm. The little things in life become big things during a challenge—and it is so important that you know your “basics of life” to overcome a storm.

Fourth, storms weaken when you use your God-given traits—kindness, patience, and gentleness when interacting with others. Your leadership under fire gives opportunity to show your true character during a challenge, and those that see your true character will be encouraged and learn from your leadership.

Lastly, “prepare for the worst, but expect the best,” is a coaching point that I have used for decades in leadership. By preparing for the storm, you build up strength, resolve, and perseverance—but as you do, continue to believe for God’s absolute best instead of the worst.

Stronger in faith, and stronger in hope!

Greater days ahead,

Ross Hjelseth

Hjelseth & Associates, LLC