New Year = New Opportunity
Beautiful fireworks light up the skyline over a large city.

Photo Courtesy of Nazar Sharafutdinov


As my friend Doug Burton consistently says, “here we go.” Here we go into a brand-new year and I have heard so many say they cannot wait to move away from 2020. Are we moving away from 2020 because we did not like what happened within the past year, or are we moving away from 2020 because of our desire for something better? What does “better” mean to you and me?

Better may mean better finances, better health, better relationships, or better culture. I suggest that “better” is really a function of individuals evaluating what better means to them. We each have the freedom to decide what better means for us.

In this regard, with 2020 behind us, we are now in that new year called 2021. How do you and I view this new year? I would suggest that we view 2021 as “new opportunity.” The word “new” is defined as: beginning, different from the same, or known for a short time. The word “opportunity” is defined as: a good chance for advancement or progress.

I suggest that 2021 gives us all a fresh perspective on life. This freshness means we can work to bring forth change and make progress towards the goals and objectives that we desire for our future. I write this blog on January 2, so I am living the second day of this “new opportunity.” This means that time will slip away each day of this year.

This “new opportunity”, to be effective, needs to be a plan that requires change, advancement, and marks progress. Let me encourage you on three points:

  1. Write down with clarity the goals that you wish to realize within your new opportunity; do not delay—crystallize your vision and goals for advancement; post your goals in a “view” space and review them each day
  2. Create milestones and markers during 2021 that will show your progress; then compare your actual efforts and outcomes that indicate your advancement
  3. Reduce the distractions in each day that hold you back from making progress towards your new goals for 2021. It is very unlikely that you can take advantage of your “new opportunity” without eliminating some of your old habits and patterns.

A new year provides new opportunity. On December 31, 2021, I hope we can look back and know that we have taken full advantage of our new opportunity!

Greater days ahead,