Do The Little Things Well
Image of computer monitor that says 'Work hard anywhere' on it.

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Bhagat


One of the coaching axioms I have used for years to initiate optimum human performance was “do the little things well.” I have spoken this to teams, groups, family, and individuals for decades.

What do I mean by “do the little things well?” Simply spoken—focus on doing the simple disciplines of life well. In too many cases, our human nature focuses on a want of “big” things in life. The reality, big things happen because the little things get taken care of, over and over and over.

Here are Ross’ top ten list of little things that need to be done well—every day.

  1. Be on time—your time is not more valuable than others’ time so honor them by being on time
  2. Be ready to impress—in meeting people, make the best possible impression
  3. Listen well—most of us want to talk way more than we listen; build relationships by listening
  4. Have a to do list—focus on highest priorities first and work your list
  5. Control your schedule—your time is your most valuable asset; do not overload yourself but do challenge yourself with a robust schedule
  6. Set aside time for you—what is your sweet spot? Where is your sweet spot? Find time to feed yourself.
  7. Meet yourself at the door—how will you present yourself to others? What mood, affect, or body language do you project?
  8. Build relationships—people matter, and the person in front of you currently is the most important relationship for now
  9. Humility outlasts arrogance—give others the credit and be gracious
  10. Accept responsibility as a leader—anybody can blame someone else

I hope these ten “little things” help you achieve much in life—the big things come when the little things are taken care of!

God’s best,