Unity — Or Lack Thereof

Man sits in dark window looking out across a cold ocean.

Unity is defined as “the state of being united or joined as a whole.”  Unity is also a position of being together as one with someone.  It is the opposite of being divided.  Unity is a word for togetherness or oneness.   With these definitions to bring clarity, I write today about my perceptions and observations […]

Passion and Perseverance — You Need Both

A rock climber grips the edge of a cliff in front of a gorgeous sunrise.

In a few days I will be launching an additional commerce aspect to my consulting services and my book, “Winning Words—Speaking Life to Influence Others”. My book includes many sayings from leaders and coaches, including some of own favorites that I have used during my many years in leadership. I have decided to market some […]

The Power of the Handwritten Note

Retro effect faded and toned image of a man writing a note with a fountain pen.

Two weeks ago, I released my latest podcast, titled “Call or Text”. The theme of the message was, when faced with a choice, to consider a phone call instead of a text. Why? Because studies show that a phone call is so much more relational, and a call strengthens relationships—a text only conveys information. Today’s […]

Where Your Feet Are!

Man's legs and feet prepare to run on sunny beach.

“Be where your feet are” is one of the sayings given to me for my book “Winning Words—Speaking Life to Influence Others”. What does your feet have to do with being where you are? Well, first, the logical—if you are like me, your feet are attached to your body, which means that your feet are, […]

New Year = New Opportunity

Beautiful fireworks light up the skyline over a large city.

As my friend Doug Burton consistently says, “here we go.” Here we go into a brand-new year and I have heard so many say they cannot wait to move away from 2020. Are we moving away from 2020 because we did not like what happened within the past year, or are we moving away from […]

Do The Little Things Well

Image of computer monitor that says 'Work hard anywhere' on it.

One of the coaching axioms I have used for years to initiate optimum human performance was “do the little things well.” I have spoken this to teams, groups, family, and individuals for decades. What do I mean by “do the little things well?” Simply spoken—focus on doing the simple disciplines of life well. In too […]

Why Effective Leaders Are Priceless

Man with backpack stands on the edge of a cliff looking out over a gorgeous and vast mountainscape.

Why is more important than who, where, what, or how. As I write today, I want to focus on “why” effective leaders are essential in every unit, team, and organization. I want to focus on several elements of leadership—all of which make a given leader so valuable. Our culture today uses the word “leader” a […]

CALM during the STORM

Blue and purple tinted storm clouds push against an emerging sun in the background

CALM during the STORM 11-02-2020 Amid 2020, complete with Covid-19, worldwide chaos, and an election year—how does one remain “calm” during the “storm?” You or I can easily interpret much of this year as challenging, stressful, and tension-filled moments. Wherever we turn, we can be filled with and surrounded by these feelings. Let me give […]

The Power of Encouragement

A woman on a bike reaches out to help a man on another bike while they both ride under a beautiful, orange tinted sky.,

thinking design, creative solutions Photo Courtesy of Everton Vila Date THE POWER OF ENCOURAGEMENT As I write this morning, I am doing so with you in mind. What can I provide for you to lighten your load, lift your wings, and put wind in your sails? I hope this blesses you my friends. Let me […]